Integrity represents a consistency of actions, values, principles, expectations, and the wise choice of many alternatives. Mr. Tux has always believed in integrity. And, even as our competition continues to make false statements, Mr. Tux continues to stand on its own with over 40 years in business, a friendly and highly knowledgeable sales staff, and an unrivaled dedication to our customers.

Mr. Tux and Mr. Formal have combined inventories of over 45,000 full tuxes with warehouses in Spokane, Portland, and Tacoma. We have the largest in stock inventory in the Northwest. We feature an eco-friendly, state of the art dry cleaning system that uses hydro carbon cleaning solution which is not harmful to the environment. Mr. Tux also offers a high tech computer inventory system so we're fully automated, insuring the garment style you choose is the garment style that you receive. Plus, we're able to fill all last minute orders right from our local warehouse.